With everyone quarantined to their homes to avoid COVID-19, we are all doing our part to flatten the curve of this virus and save lives.  This makes the old method of doing a mortgage…difficult.  Meeting face-to-face, signing documents in-person, and being together in general is either frowned-upon or outright illegal.

That’s why a fully digital mortgage has allowed homeowners from across the country to refinance their mortgages from the safety of their homes and kept themselves and our staff safe.

Our digital mortgage platform, The 5 Minute Mortgage Approval, allows borrowers to apply, upload documents, and sign online, without ever having to meet face-to-face.  We’ve taken as much risk of infection out of the process as possible to make this a smooth experience on both ends.

We still bring the same incredible customer service and speedy closings that we are known for, but with the safety and security of a digital mortgage.  We have both a web based platform and an app, meaning that you can update your application on the go or at your desk.

Right now, it is one of the best times in recent history to refinance your home.  Rates are incredibly low and home values are continuing to rise.  Borrowers are saving hundreds of dollars per month, and thousands over the course of their loans.

It’s also a terrific time to take cash-out of your home.  With bills piling up and people either out of work or unable to work their normal jobs, many are struggling to pay their bills and can use a low-interest rate advance of cash. 

With low interest rates, the equity that borrowers have built up can be used to put cash back in their pockets to pay off credit card debt, fund home improvements and repairs, and build a nest egg.

Many borrowers are also opting for a Rate and Term refinance, that will shorten the number of years remaining on the loan.  These loans save borrowers thousands of dollars in interest payments by reducing the remaining years that their loan is spread over, meaning that the loan is paid faster and with less interest paid.

There’s even an added bonus to refinancing with us – 2 months off from paying your mortgage with a closed refinance!  Taking 2 months off from making that mortgage payment is probably something that most families could use right now, right?

Now is the time to refinance your loan using our all digital mortgage to do it safely and quickly.  Don’t miss this opportunity to save money while putting money back in your hands.

Call the best mortgage lender in Texas, Arien Bowersock’s Texas Loan Experts Team in Austin at (512) 669-8306 or visit BowersockTeam.com to apply now. Texas Loan Experts has the lowest rates on Conventional, FHA, Mortgage Refinances, Jumbo Loans, Debt Consolidation Loans, Rate and Term Refinances, Cash Out Refinances, and HARP Loans. We are also the exclusive home for Hero.Loan VA Mortgages and The Bank Statement Mortgage. We will come to you to close your loan. Nobody gets lower mortgage rates on better loans than Texas Loan Experts.

Arien Bowersock

Arien Bowersock

I was born in Lubbock, TX and came to Austin in 1998 to attend the University of Texas. After graduating, I knew I didn’t want to leave Austin. On a whim, I took a job as a loan officer assistant and I haven’t looked back since! With over 15 years in this industry I know this market well. Not only do I help my clients with their mortgage, I assist with all other home buying needs. Whether it’s deciding on the best neighborhood, choosing a realtor, or giving my opinion on a paint color- I am here to help!
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